Consumption to Co-Experience

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In the Media and Entertainment industry, “content is king,” and companies are challenged to continuously feed the never-ending appetite of consumers.

When Consumer Consumption leads to Content Oversaturation

The Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry thrives on consumer consumption. The major paradigm shifts the industry has experienced over the last decade range from new formats and platforms to new devices and usage behaviors. But every driver of change originated to address the same thing: people’s increased desire to consume.

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Consumption on large format screens and linear broadcasts has been replaced by multiple devices and on-demand watching. Fragmentation has led to a massive wealth of options and changing modes of experiences, and the road to content creation is no longer one lane. With every provider expanding its platform offerings and committing billion-dollar budgets for new content, we’ve entered an age of content oversaturation.

Now that consumers’ playlists are overflowing with content, there is an increasing shift from quantity in favor of a more refined experience. 

The next phase for the industry represents the most dynamic change ever, one that redefines the viewer’s relationship to content creators, brands and even the content itself.

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When Content Oversaturation calls for New Experiences

Consumers want to do more than digest content. They want to have deeper, more interactive experiences. The ultimate refinement of the media consumer experience is when it evolves from consumption to co-experience. 

When text messages first moved from linear communication to dynamic group chat rooms that span months or even years, messaging became a co-experience. The Facebook Messenger chat room that I have with my high school buddies started years ago and is where we share our experiences, our family updates, and our favorite memes.

Similarly, when it became possible to watch the best gamers in the world stream precision shots and expert strategies via Twitch, gaming became a virtual co-experience, particularly because I could chat in realtime with them as a paid subscriber. Now, gaming platforms like Fortnite are delivering amazing co-experiences as venues for virtual concerts, product launches, and conferences.

Imagine one day, on-screen actors who star in pre-recorded shows will come to life in daily, one-on-one realtime interactions with their fans. News anchors will share the breaking news but can repeat the latest headline when asked. And when the media you watch on screen becomes the media you interact with after the show is over, and engage with on an ongoing basis, consumption will forever change to co-experiences. We are not talking about ten years from now–we are talking about today.

When New Experiences Change the Future

We are entering a new era of possibilities in Artificial Human technology, and Media and Entertainment will be one of the first areas of major impact. Technology exists to break the barriers that prevent scalable generation of visual artificial life. Artificial Humans are not rule-based agents following rule-based approaches. Their micro-features, emotions, gestures – nuances of human behavior – convey natural, life-like communication. What better way to acquire, co-experience and retain your audience than with another human?

As Artificial Humans make themselves available to people on an interpersonal level, their influence will also have huge impact on other industries. I imagine the possibility of watching the upcoming Bond movie, No Time To Die, and afterwards, walking into an Aston Martin car showroom only to be greeted by Bond himself on a large screen kiosk, in a tailored suit with martini in hand. He would then go on to introduce me to the non-spy version of his latest car, the Valhalla. 

The Media and Entertainment industry will intertwine with automotive and retail in ways previously unimaginable. Winners in this new media co-experience world will be those that pioneer new use cases and push the boundaries of the technology for their industries.

Artificial Humans will unlock the concept of co-experiences in media for the M&E and adjacent retail industries, setting up a new paradigm for consumer engagement. New programming will shed light on the daily, normal life of the Artificial Human actor, news anchor, or musician, and allow fans to engage with them in realtime. The possibilities for participation are endless when fans can have a co-experience with their favorite on-screen star.

Artificial Humans will interact in emotionally deep and profoundly personalized ways, and in that new reality, consumers will all become kings of their own content.

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