We see light and colors Our human senses
connect us to our world.
We hear sounds and silences We smell scents and fragrances We feel textures and sensations These physical portals to
our brain help us
Process information Learn new things Can the human-machine interface
feel seamless?
NEON, Artificial Humans, are here. Feel connections We taste richness and flavors
NEON at the 101st anniversary of Korea's March 1st Independence Movement When reality meets
real-time responsiveness
NEON, Artificial Humans, are here. Communication.
The future is here. NEON
NEON unveiled Artificial Humans
and previewed CORE R3 at CES 2020
Join us in defining significant changes in the human-technology landscape

NEON, our first Artificial Human, is a computationally created virtual being that looks and behaves like us, with the ability to show emotions and intelligence.

Artificial Human

NEONs represent a new class of people—Artificial Humans. They exhibit the most important aspects of human capabilities: the ability to communicate with human affect, learn from experiences and form new memories.

A New Kind of Life.

NEONs are not a face of an AI Assistant or a copy of us. They are digitally composed next-generation artificial intelligent entities, continually learning from their interactions and building on experiences with us in realtime.

A World with NEONs

NEON will continue to evolve and exist throughout society in various roles. They can be teachers, actors, brand ambassadors, bank tellers, and even our friends, companions and collaborators.

Template Brand identity and ambassador in one Influencer On-demand breaking news any time of the day Anchor Limitless one-on-one customer attention Sales Online educator for late night cram sessions Tutor Instant access to seat assignments and flight info Agent Any language to fit the needs of any guest Concierge

Our proprietary technology platform is inspired by the rhythmic complexities of nature and captures the intricacies of human look and nuances of human behavior.

Technology of Tomorrow

The technology behind NEON consists of two components—CORE R3 and SPECTRA. While CORE R3 enables a NEON to capture the nuances, expressions and reactions of a real human, SPECTRA will carve out unique NEON personas that will be trained and adapted through experiences.



CORE R3 delivers 100% visually real. CORE R3 pioneers a new technological paradigm that brings lifelike reality that is beyond our normal perception to distinguish. With latencies of less than 15ms, CORE R3 synthesizes original realities instantly.



SPECTRA complements CORE R3 with the spectrum of Intelligence, Emotion, Learning and Memory. This system will combine solutions to rapidly adapt to human behaviors, thus making NEONs fully immersional.